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Kendra Scott’s New Men’s Line Is Inspired by Family, CEO Tom Nolan Says

The jewelry designer’s three sons had a hand in designing a new line of bracelets

The first-ever men’s line from Kendra Scott has arrived. 

Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott launched Monday. The collection of bracelets is named for the jewelry designer’s sons, Cade, Beck and Grey.

“Family is one of our pillars here at Kendra Scott,” CEO Tom Nolan told Tribeza in a recent interview about launching a men’s line. “All the styles are named after the boys and important, influential men in her life.”

Nolan, president of Kendra Scott since 2019, was named CEO of earlier this year when Scott stepped down from that position at the brand she founded in 2002. She remains the lead designer at the company and in charge of other projects and philanthropic initiatives.

“Kendra runs the entire design process here at our company, so she had her hand in all of this from the beginning,” Nolan says, adding that she turned to her sons to get their input on the designs. “Cade, Beck and Gray are all coming into their own and wanting to experience the brand in a more personal way. That was a big impetus for but in addition to that, we spent a lot of time talking to customers and they kept saying there’s a need for this product.”

Each of Scott’s sons has a bracelet named after him. Nolan – who previously didn’t wear much jewelry other than a wedding band, a watch and occasionally a pair of cuff links given to him by his friend – has been test driving the Cade, the Beck and the Gray.

“I’ve gotten a ton of compliments. I’ve really enjoyed wearing . I never take it off. I play golf in it, I go to the gym in it, I go running in it. The durability is part of what makes it great,” he says. “I went from wearing no bracelets to wearing all the bracelets.”

Every piece is made of natural materials, including stone, leather and sterling silver. They range in price from $68 to $198.

The process of designing the men’s line included talking to customers as well as asking the Scott Brothers what they would wear and what their friends would wear.

“Men are going to feel really comfortable wearing this product,” Nolan says of the subtle designs. “Some guys are going to want to make more of a splash; for those guys, maybe they use some of our brighter color pops or stack more bracelets.”

The timing of launch is no mistake – Father’s Day is June 20. And there is also a bracelet named after another important man in Scott’s life.

“One of the bracelets is called The Kenneth which is named after Kendra’s dad, Ken,” Nolan says. “She’s had a lot of influential people in her life, many of those are men but none more so than her dad and none more so than her sons.”

Nolan hopes a stylish and simple bracelet will make a thoughtful Father’s Day present for dads. “It’s going to be a great reminder of whoever gave it to them and that it was given out of love, and that’s what makes us really happy because our company is based on caring and kindness and love.”

The sentimental aspect of giving a piece of jewelry can go even further, thanks to Kendra Scott’s ongoing and consistent support of worthy causes, including one selected for the launch of the brand’s first men’s line. Proceeds from the Scott Bros. Collection go directly to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis to help fund their art therapy program.

“The bracelets mean something to me because I know it’s going back to help others which is the reason I work at Kendra Scott,” Nolan says. “Success for us really means how many people we can touch and how many dollars we can give back.”