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Shake It Out: Everything You Need To Become Your Personal Bartender

The Austin Shaker

“The cocktail scene is so huge in Austin and there’s not really a place where you can go and find five different kinds of Fernet or 50 flavors of bitters,” Kirstyn Litchfield says. A former bartender at The Cloak Room and Ego’s, Litchfield, along with the beer buyer for Easy Tiger, David Maguire, have set out to change that with the opening of The Austin Shaker.

Taking over a space on Airport Boulevard that has been home to a liquor store since the 1960s, The Austin Shaker intends to be a neighborhood shop that also stocks bartender tools, craft beer, vintage glassware and offers regular tastings. “I wouldn’t say that either one of us ever thought that we’d own a liquor store, but it was just the opportunity and the need for it in this city,” Litchfield says. “It’s a lot of fun to enable people to make cocktails at home that they like to drink.”

The Austin Shaker

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1199 Airport Blvd
Austin, Texas 78702
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