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Korman Fine Jewelry Seeks Couples Celebrating their 50th Anniversary for “Your Golden Love Story” Contest

Local jewelry company celebrates its 50-year milestone by highlighting Austin couples who married in 1973

Integrity doesn’t only preserve a marriage; it preserves a company, too.

In fact, integrity has kept local company Korman Fine Jewelry going for the past 50 years. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, they are inviting local couples who have been married for 50 years to take part in their “Your Golden Love Story” contest.

Current owners Larry and Kat Stokes, who took ownership of Korman in 2018, crafted this contest as a way to highlight he brand’s history and the original founder, Russell “Rusty” Korman, while also celebrating the local community.

“We can get lost in everything that’s happening here in Austin and the high-speed energy that we’re all drawn to,” Larry says. “But we’ve got to reflect on what got us here, and this is a great way to do it.”

The renowned jewelry brand was originally founded Russell “Rusty” Korman in 1973.

Korman’s History of Celebrating Special Moments

What once started as Rusty’s hobby of selling African beads to Austinites on the Drag is now a long-standing, family-owned jewelry retailer that provides some of the finest diamonds, Swiss timepieces, and hand-curated jewelry from well-known designers. Not only are they master jewelers, but they also have a hand in watchmaking and are authorized Rolex dealers.

But apart from its supported credentials, Larry says the company does far more than sell jewelry. Rather, Kat says, they’re all about celebrating and highlighting significant moments in their clients’ lives.

“Most people wear jewelry and watches, it’s always very personal ,” Kat says. “Whatever it is they’re celebrating, we’re here to extend an awesome experience.”

Current owners Larry and Kat Stokes are looking to celebrate the Austin community.

Your Golden Love Story Contest

Through this contest, Larry and Kat hope to read stories that depict great love, while also learning from others who are celebrating a long-lasting marriage.

Couples who tied the knot in 1973 are invited to enter Korman’s contest by submitting an essay of up to 500 words detailing their love story. Along with the story, couples must also send a photo of themselves from their wedding day as well as a current photo. All submissions are due by August 1, 2023, and the winning couple will receive a photo shoot along with a framed photograph of the session and a diamond band valued up to $2,500. The couple will also be featured in Korman’s annual print and online magazine.

Any couples that have been married since 1973 can submit their entries to or via mail to Korman at 5011 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas, 79756.

Though it’s expected that some couples will nominate themselves, Kat suspects most couples will be nominated by a third party — people who have lived alongside the couple, like a child or friend in the community who admires their marriage.

“Hearing it from an outsider looking in will be a really unique storytelling point,” Kat says. “Not just hearing it from the celebrants but from those who love and admire them for who they are.”

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Kat says she loves asking couples who are celebrating their anniversary what the secret is to lasting marriages. From their responses, a lot of characteristics can be considered marks of integrity.

Just as integrity can contribute to long-term, committed marriages, it also plays a major role in long-term, committed companies. When the Stokes acquired Korman from Rusty, they were initially drawn to the authenticity with which he operated — something they want to continue in his legacy.

One way they’ve been able to do this is by consistently redefining design in a way that’s authentically Austin. Larry hopes to build on the energy that’s already in this city by offering exquisite pieces to Austin newcomers and visitors, as well as those who have been here for many years.

Kat and Larry on a trip to Africa they took with diamond sight holder Grandview Klein.

With 50 years in their back pocket, and more to come, Larry hopes to preserve  a space that highlights luxury for Austinites. This golden year is about more than looking ahead but rather reflecting on what built them in the first place.

“ have been here five years, and I feel like we’re just getting started; there’s so much ahead of us,” Larry says. “But we’re not going to forget about the first 50.”

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