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Street Style: Trendy and Bold Looks from SXSW 2023

Unforgettable fashion shined through the rainy haze during the fest's final weekend

SXSW Street Style 2023

The rain and chilly weather may have come out during the last weekend of SXSW in Austin, but fashionable festival-goers certainly did not stay home. While roaming around town and enjoying tons of live music and fun activations, we couldn’t help but stop for some impromptu fashion shoots featuring striking looks and brazen personalities. From statement pieces like animal print and shag coats to subtle flair and pops of color, here are a few of the styles we loved.

Jessica Dye & Eric Gutoski

From: New York

Where: Hotel Vegas

Jobs: Musician & Partner at Tech Corporation

Style inspo: Dopamine, Puke, Glitter & Dracula, animal prints, neutrals


From: Austin

Where: Idle Hands on Rainey Street

Job: Musician

Style inspo: Comfortable, Fun, Eye-catching

Kari Frea

From: Austin

Where: Hotel Vegas

Job: At a brewery

Style inspo: Cheap, tacky, vintage

Skylar Schanen & Bethany Simko

From: Austin

Where: Lustre Pearl on Rainey Street

Jobs: Screenwriter/Director & Influencer

Style inspo: Eclectic, Parisian, Chic & Bold, Classy, Current

Helen H

From: Austin

Where: Jo’s on South Congress

Jobs: Vintage store owner

Style inspo: Vibrant, Texture, Print

Ed & Joao

From: London & Brazil

Where: Austin Motel on South Congress

Jobs: Hey Cowboy boutique owner & Fashion Designer

Style inspo: Retro, Western, Queer & Fun, Eclectic, Cool