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BedPost Confessions: Open Book

Bedpost Confessions

When it comes to sharing true tales of love, lust, and sexuality, BedPost Confessions producers Julie Gillis and Mia Martina agree on what makes for the most compelling stories: “Vulnerability,” they answer in unison. “We wanted to be able to humanize a topic and allow people to feel more comfortable talking about it, even if it’s just going back home and talking to themselves in the mirror,” Gillis says.

The quarterly sex-themed storytelling show has been stimulating Austin audiences since 2010, and has sparked a forthcoming anthology, BedPost Confessions: The First Five Years, due out in March. The 35 selections in the book include some of BedPost’s early pieces, like an erotica story set in a mall food court and a self-revelatory screenplay that ultimately ended in a marriage proposal. The confessions too are a staple. “The confessions started out in our first year kind of timid and now we cannot keep people from bragging. It’s to the point where it’s like, is this real, did this happen?” Martina laughs.