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Anne Campbell’s Design Tips for Adding a Pop of Red to Black-and-White Colorway

The design consultant recommends creative ways to bring the crimson color into a neutral palette

When it comes to my design mantra, the phrase ‘pop of color’ is one that I consider a visual prerequisite. Particularly when paired with a classically chic black and white aesthetic. Though muted tones certainly have their moment, the sophistication of a B&W palette will always be in style. As is the occasion to use an ampersand. With the duo being so dynamically different, bringing in a third party color, even the most subtle poppy or crimson, will bring about balance and add a proper punch to the picture.

To hear more, we sat down to chat all things black, white and red with Anne Campbell, who, when not putting her talents to work as project manager for Austin-based Interior Design firm, Sarah Wittenbraker Design, is assisting her husband and co-founder of Campbell Landscape Architecture, as well as contributing to and Magnolia Journal. From houndstooth hides to spark-worthy wicks, this trio of a color story is one worthy of a whirl.

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