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Elite Austin Furniture Rental Offers Chic Interior Design Solutions

The Austin company designs beautiful spaces – fast – so you can focus on living

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Austin has one of the hottest job and real-estate markets in the nation, but moving is still an immense chore. Whether it’s a cross-country relocation or an across-town upgrade, pulling up roots and settling into a new home or condo is stressful and time-consuming, particularly when it comes to the detail-oriented task of tackling the interior.

Clinical studies show that our mental health and productivity  are significantly impacted by our home environment. An aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional home is good for your well-being, and that’s where Elite Austin’s InstaHome furniture rental package comes in to offer a full-service solution to creating a gorgeous and functional home – fast.

Elite Austin founder Valerie Pierce.

An interior design firm specializing in high-end furniture and décor rentals and home staging, Elite Austin offers a turnkey solution to your move, allowing you to focus on family, a new job or other immediate concerns. Founder Valerie Pierce says her clients are primarily business executives and families looking to furnish short- or long-term rentals while their new home is being renovated or built or they’re looking for a home to buy. Corporate executives who are in Austin temporarily for work and in need of furnishings for their short-term rental are also frequent Elite Austin clients.

InstaHome is their service that is ideal for homeowners waiting on construction to finish, insurance claims to come through, custom pieces to be built or any resident looking to test-drive a new design ethos or furniture. (Bonus: all rental items are available for purchase.)

“While our signature styles range from contemporary to modern to transitional, we can ultimately personalize packages to suit the style and needs of every client,” says Pierce. “We offer everything from kitchen housewares and lighting to linens, rugs, artwork and TVs. We’re all staying at home more now, and using our home in new ways, from work to schooling.” InstaHome takes that into account, providing everything you might need from flex rooms to comprehensive home office set-ups.

Pierce saw the need for concierge turnkey furniture rental/home décor service long before Austin became the new national tech hub. In 2008, the former sales and marketing exec was traveling frequently for work and staying in a rental home. When the owner asked Pierce to stage the property to increase its resale value, she found it unexpectedly difficult to rent quality furnishings and décor.

“I searched Austin high and low for furniture rental options and was surprised and disappointed to find out how challenging it was to locate quality furniture for rent,” says Pierce. “I ended up sourcing and purchasing furniture from retail stores, which was expensive, and then I later had to sell it at a loss.”

That incident was the motivation for Pierce to start Elite Austin and rapidly expand to a team of 15 to keep up with the growing business. These design experts work one-on-one with clients to identify their needs and provide them with a highly curated environment suited to their lifestyle.

Pierce notes the cornerstones of Elite Austin’s services are their fully stocked warehouse of constantly expanding, on-trend, designer-curated furnishings, with a focus on quality, including solid hardwoods, beautiful textiles, art and décor.

“We treat each interior as a custom crafted, unique space designed and hand-picked by our designers,” says Pierce. “And no two projects ever look alike.”

Living in such an unpredictable and exceptionally stressful time, Elite Austin’s goal is to provide concierge-style service to clients, so they have a turn-key space where they can feel immediately at home. Ultimately, it’s about sparing them the anxiety, expense and hours it takes to move, enabling them to instead focus on getting settled and start building community.

How InstaHome Works

Call the Elite Austin office to discuss your furniture rental needs and receive a preliminary pricing catalog. Contracts are offered as 3-, 6-, or 12-month plans, which are renewable.

Schedule an in-person or virtual consultation with an Elite Austin designer to review your preferences. Detailed measurements and photos will also be taken while on-site.

Receive and approve a customized quote, select an installation date and sign a contract.

The Elite Austin design team delivers and installs your full coordinated package, turning your interior into a designer residence that feels like home.