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EnVibe Life Host Offers A Look Inside Her Newly-Designed Home

Entrepreneur and mother Amy Parker on how she designed her home as a place for joy and productivity

Amy Parker and her husband John wanted cleanliness and simplicity when moving to their new home. After living in a particularly large estate that had accumulated “a lot of stuff,” Parker and her family were looking to shed the unnecessary and downsize. With a stroke of luck, they happened upon a lush one-story space in their longtime neighborhood of Barton Creek.

The home, designed by Bob Wetmore at Cornerstone Architects and built by Gery Wilde, was right in the midst of the construction process when Parker and her husband found it, giving them a say in its design. The couple worked closely with interior designer Karmyn Papavasiliou of Kopfer Taylor Designs during the buildout to create a setting emphasizing beauty and relaxation.

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“I like colors, I like to feel like the energy is flowing through the house,” Parker says. “I also very much feed off of natural sunlight or the outdoors … Having a connection to nature and the outdoors really resonates with me spiritually with the flow of energy in the house and in the space.”

Parker’s love of color is notable in the plants, artwork and photographs she keeps around the house, along with eye-catching furniture pieces like gold-accented tables and blue couches. Interior and exterior glass details were implemented so that every room in the house would receive natural sunlight at some part of the day.

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Amy and John’s vision also centered on creating a space that encouraged pleasure-filled days and evenings for their life to come as empty nesters. As people that love to entertain and cook, there was an emphasis on creating shared spaces and an intricate, modern kitchen filled with charcoal grey Miele appliances. To add to the joy and harmony in the household, the couple indulged in their master bathroom with a small exercise room, a built-in sauna, a steam shower and two separate closets, which John says helps for a good marriage.

Freeing up burdens is especially important to Parker, who plays a number of roles in her life that all take place in her house. While you can find her hosting the EnVibe Life Health & Wellness Podcast with Cheryl Dunn in her office, she also juggles the demands of being a devoted wife and mother of three young men as well as two dogs and a cat. Although trying to balance so many tasks can sometimes lead to chaos and burnout, Parker has found a way to make it work thanks to the mindful design of her home, with rooms that encourage wellness and spirituality.

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Light-filled spaces and colorful objects make Parker’s home not just a beautiful place, but one that is functional, uplifting and encourages healthy living. Her intentional incorporation of things that create happiness and serve a purpose help imbue her busy, full house with an air of serenity and harmony.