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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020: Hugh Jefferson Randolph

The veteran architect welcomes the resurgence of bright colors in home design

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Hugh Randolph has been working as architect in Austin for more than 25 years, making him one of the leading voices of architecture and a remarkable resource on the evolving landscape of both past and present. While he works with his firm on a myriad of historic homes, like the one on West 32nd Street, which is easily recognized by its peach façade and featured on Tribeza’s Interiors Tour 2020. Randolph, who makes his second appearance on the Interiors Tour, designs in a way that is respectful to the past but surprising and clever as well. For this year’s home Randolph worked with designer Trisha Shephard.

We asked each of the designers on this year’s Interiors Tour to answer a series of questions about their personal style and aesthetic to get a deeper sense of their influences and what informs their design.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?
Eclectic, whimsical and interesting.

What’s your favorite album or musician to pull out for an impromptu dinner party?
Tame Impala or Black Pumas.

What’s TV show or film is most inspiring in terms of design?
Anything by Stanley Kubrick.

Roundtop, Brimfield or Marche Clignancourt?
Marche Clignancourt.

What are three design trends you love right now?
Use of natural materials, interest in local artisanal fixtures and furnishings and the resurgence of bright colors.

Is there a design trend you’d like to see fade away?
Shiplap siding has been overdone. 

Flowers or succulents and what kind?

What’s your favorite insider design resource?
Trisha: Austin’s amazing makers and tradesmen.

Where do you shop for interiors in Austin?
Trisha: Uptown Modern, Nest Modern and I love to pick up pieces during the EAST and WEST Austin Studio Tours.

What’s your current dream travel destination?
I’m traveling to the Swiss Alps for a Boy Scout trip this summer and am going to Mongolia with my family.

What’s your all-time favorite hotel anywhere in the world?
Hotel Union Oye in a small town in Norway. It was built in the1880s and feels like it could be out of a Wes Anderson movie.

What’s your local watering hole for a business drink?
Shoal Creek Saloon.

What’s your favorite scent for the home?
Trisha: The scent of natural fabrics and materials.

What’s your current favorite coffee table book and why?
Trisha: Beautiful books that were made for me by Rachel Alexis Creative.