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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2020: Sara Barney

The BANDD Design founder embraces caning and rattan, rusts and golds and bouclé

Sara Barney

For Sara Barney, design should be functional, approachable and beautiful – and that’s exactly what comes through in all of her projects. The designer, who spent years working in the entertainment industry, is coming up on the third anniversary of founding her company, BANDD Design, and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. From designing the interiors for Icon 3D’s first 3-D-printed home, which has garnered international attention, to contemporary new builds for Austin families, including a home on Tribeza’s Interiors Tour 2020, her style is personal, playful and always reliable.

We asked each of the designers on this year’s Interiors Tour to answer a series of questions about their personal style and aesthetic to get a deeper sense of their influences and what informs their design.

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How would you describe your design aesthetic in three words?
Approachable, comfortable, and classic.

What’s your favorite album or musician to pull out for an impromptu dinner party?
Anything by The Beatles.

What’s TV show or film is most inspiring in terms of design?

Roundtop, Brimfield or Marche Clignancourt?

What are three design trends you love right now?
Caning and rattan, rusts and golds and bouclé.

Is there a design trend you’d like to see fade away?
Barn doors.

Flowers or succulents and what kind?
Neither. I use fresh sprigs of eucalyptus or herbs.

What’s your favorite insider design resource?
Going into other people’s homes and seeing how they live.

Where do you shop for interiors in Austin?
I love Uptown Modern and Roomservice Vintage.

What’s your current dream travel destination?
The Amalfi Coast.

What’s your all-time favorite hotel anywhere in the world?
The Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay.

What’s your local watering hole for a business drink?
The Grove in Westlake.

What’s your favorite scent for the home?
I love anything that has fig in it.

What’s your current favorite coffee table book and why?
Poolside by Slim Aaron. I love his photography and it’s fun and aspirational and show rich people by the beach in the 1970s.