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Austin Newlyweds Seamlessly Merge Styles in Martha O’Hara Interiors-Designed Digs

Senior designer Heidi Feliz-Grimm worked with a recently married couple on a custom build to grow with them through the years

Heidi Feliz-Grimm, a senior designer who has been with Martha O’Hara Interiors for eight years now, was thrilled when she met her new clients. They were a kind, newly married couple in their 30s who wanted her help in designing a custom build that was to become their forever home. Being young and just starting their married life together, the goal was to design a home that could grow with them throughout the years.

The home was built in an up-and-coming neighborhood in North Austin, which has since blown up into a popular area. The couple wanted a functional yet stylish aesthetic that fit both their daily and home-business needs, but they had some differences in style preferences. The husband wanted a very minimalistic design, while the wife wanted more detail.

“So I had to work in some detail where I could without it looking out of place within the home because it is more geared to look a little bit more contemporary,” says Heidi. When Heidi was brought into the project, the layout had already been determined — but she got to make all of the final selections for the house, including the windows, flooring, walls, countertops and cabinets. She chose large windows and sheetrock returns (versus window casings) in order to keep the overall architecture of the home more modern and minimalistic. However, she also added cove details to the baseboards to appeal more to the wife’s style.

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A huge determinate of how a design project goes is the relationship between the designer and clients. Heidi got to know the couple very well throughout the building process and says their open-mindedness made this job especially fun. The couple would often show Heidi a photo of something they liked and then would just let her run with the inspiration.

“This was one of my favorite designs because I got to be very creative,” says Heidi. “They didn’t come to me with any parameters.”

By the time it came to choosing furniture, Heidi really knew the couple and understood their personalities and vision for the home. It was time to incorporate those patterns and details she knew would make it feel more homey and classic for the wife.

“So when it came to furniture, we got to do more custom pieces and have a little bit more fun,” says Heidi. “I was able to go more transitional — so not quite modern, and not quite traditional.” She added nail-head trim to some of the furniture pieces and used fabrics to add pops of color and texture. In the powder bathrooms, she added detail to the blue cabinet. “I went with a custom overlay on the drawers to again add some detail without going too traditional because the husband wouldn’t like that,” she says.

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The dining room chairs and laundry room wallpaper are examples of how Heidi brought in pops of color to make the overall feel more fun, especially for the wife. The dining room and forum rugs, both custom-made by Fay + Belle, are also vibrant. As a designer, Heidi appreciated their appreciation for patterns and fun, which complemented all of the high-end finishes beautifully. “They are not afraid of color,” says Heidi.

The couple loves to entertain, and one of the design goals was to incorporate the outdoor area into the space in order to host groups of people. Heidi included multiple seating areas outside, ensuring they all flowed together with the interior since the windows and doors visibly connect the exterior and interior spaces. The comfortable and ample seating throughout the outdoor space make it perfect for any occasion.

Now the home is ready for the couple to build their life together. With the transitional design that incorporates both of their preferences and a layout built specifically for their lifestyle, they can enjoy this space for decades to come.