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tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin kristen nix design

Kristen Nix

Kristen Nix Interiors

Houston native Kristen Nix earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin before heading east for a taste of the Big Apple. In New York, Nix worked in the fashion department of Vogue. After returning to Texas, she became the art director for Neiman Marcus’ “The Book.” Her artistic endeavors led to an interest in interiors. Nix pursued further education at Houston Community College and gained experience under London-based designer Kelly Hoppen and decorator J. Randall Powers. Kristen Nix Interiors was built on the solid foundation of schooling, fieldwork and mentorship.

tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin kristen nix design

Nix’s own home — a 4,000-square-foot midcentury remodel on Balcones Drive — was overhauled thanks to CB Crafted Homes and Nix’s talent for creating serene and luxe spaces. Her designs utilize the natural light that streams in from the home’s vast windows. Sunshine gleaming on shiplap walls breathes life into the home and its abundance of houseplants.

Along with breathability, balance is a primary focus in Nix’s designs, evident in the home’s living room. To make the monochromatic space appear multidimensional, Nix incorporates both modern and vintage pieces. Glass end tables and a chrome fireplace juxtapose antique pottery and classic board games. The amalgamation of eras results in a timeless design.

tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin kristen nix design

Symmetry is accomplished through color as well. The otherwise neutral home shows its playful side in her children’s rooms, where splashes of red and blue distinguish the youthful spaces from the mature ones. A mother of three boys, Nix makes space for functionality without sacrificing sophistication. – ABBY MOORE

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