Music Pick: Robert Ellis - Tribeza

Music Pick: Robert Ellis

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Robert Ellis

The White Horse
May 20, 8PM

by Derek Van Wagner
Photograph by Dusdin Condren

Robert Ellis is a strange breed of musician. I’ve seen him jump from blues to rock to jazz in a matter of minutes, then he’ll turn around and sing the hell out of a George Jones tune. His Texas drawl seems to melt all over his songs and fits in places where you would never find your average country singer. While his notable voice and sharp attire might grab your attention, his piano playing and guitar picking will make you stay until the close of the show. He has a variety of stage set ups and can entertain a crowd solo, but if I had to put my money on it, I would say he is bringing his full band (pedal steel and all) to his shindig at The White Horse. After opening for sold out shows with bands like Alabama Shakes and the Old 97’s, The White Horse might be a change of pace for Ellis, but if you ask me, it’s an absolute treat to catch him in the rowdy confines of East Austin’s finest honkytonk.

Side note: Ellis’s performance is part of Aaron Franklin’s new festival, Hot Luck, in which a variety of pitmasters and chefs will offer tantalizing food alongside the music. If chasing BBQ and quality music isn’t a good way to spend your weekend, we don’t know what is!


Robert Ellis

May 20

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