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Epic Western Cocktail Co. Creates Authentic Tequila-Filled Ranch Waters in a Can

Co-founders Adam Love, Dub Sutherland and Royce Itschner teamed up to give consumers top-notch portable cocktails

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Born on the back of a truck bed parked in a dove field, Epic Western Cocktail Co. is rooted in authenticity. In fact, the only way to make 100% Blue Agave Tequila products, in a can or bottle, is to produce in the region where the agave plant is grown.

That locale is the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, for Epic Western. After a 2-year process of developing the supply chain, the Co-Founders of Epic Western brought their liquid gold to market. Adam Love, Dub Sutherland and Royce Itschner knew this wasn’t the easy way – but it’s how they enjoy their Ranch Waters, Palomas and Margaritas at home, so there wasn’t any other option when it came to the canned version.

Adam Love, CEO & Co-Founder of Epic Western, has a proclivity for building things in Austin. A successful commercial real estate developer, Adam is a graduate of both Westlake High School and the University of Texas. After 20 years in the real estate business, he decided to expand his horizons and dip his toe in the beverage industry. There wasn’t a true Ranch Water on the market – that is, one that is made in Mexico the right way. “If we couldn’t make it in a can like we make it at home, we weren’t going to do it at all,” Adam confirmed.

After a 2-year process of developing a product, aligning with an importer, and designing the supply chain in Mexico, Epic Western Cocktail Co. was born. Around that time, Adam connected with a friend from Austin who had recently moved down the street from him in San Antonio. After hearing Adam’s vision for the brand and tasting the product, Roy Seiders, Co-Founder of YETI, expressed interest in helping the Epic Western guys out with their new startup. Of course, Adam took him up on the offer to review the branding and route to market plan.

One thing led to another, and YETI Capital came on board as the primary capital partner in the business. It made perfect sense for both parties — and every boat party — because Epic Western produces the most premium product in the space, similar to the rotomolded coolers that Roy and his brother Ryan brought to market over a decade prior.

Today, Epic Western is a true lifestyle brand that happens to sell ready-to-drink cocktails. Through its partnerships with organizations like The University of Texas, Tennessee Titans, Texas Tech and TCU, Epic is leading the charge on enhancing gameday experiences with an agave fervor. The brand has aligned with outdoor ambassadors, their “OA’s,” as a way of building community. From prominent fly fishing guides JT Van Zandt, David Mangum, and Rob Fordyce to professional golfer Jimmy Walker to the official state photographer of Texas, Wyman Meinzer, these Ambassadors are spreading the word of Epic’s “portable cocktailing” mission.

Next time you’re perusing the shelves of Total Wine, Spec’s, Twin Liquors or one of the great independent retailers here in the Austin area, consider a 4-pack of Epic Western. Better yet, grab an ice cold can at the next UT game. Our staff favorite is the Paloma, but you can’t go wrong with the Chispa Rita or Ranch Water versions. Here at TRIBEZA, we like to support local businesses and we know that you do, too. While Adam Love and his co-founders clearly have no problem getting a business off the ground, they can certainly use the community’s help building it.

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