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Epic Western Ranch Water Is a New Cocktail for Texans

A homegrown cocktail company launches their refreshing tequila drink this summer

Move over, White Claw: There’s a new summer drink in town—and this one’s Texan, born and bred. Founded by Royce Itschner, Adam Love and Dub Sutherland, Epic Western launches its line of ready-to-drink cocktails this summer. After starting their company in San Antonio in 2019, the three entrepreneurs are partnering with two other Lone Star brands, Yeti Capital and Brown Distributing, to bring their products to liquor stores, bars and restaurants across Texas.

From agave harvesting and distilling to canning and distribution, every element of an Epic Western cocktail is sourced entirely from Jalisco, Mexico. The perfect marriage of quality Mexican ingredients with the iconic Texan cocktail, the new brand combines 100 percent blue agave tequila, certified Mexican mineral water, sea salt and real lime flavor. With no additives or seltzer, the result is a combination of pure and simple ingredients for a refreshing drink at the pool, on the dock or floating the Guadalupe.

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