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Midland Launches Insólito Tequila

The Austin-based band is partnering up for three varieties of Insólito Tequila

Midland is seizing a rare opportunity.

The country trio from Dripping Springs is launching Insólito, a tequila brand whose name translates to “rare,” “extraordinary,” or “uncommon” in Spanish, in a partnership with distillery Premium de Jalisco and beverage development firm SIP.

When considering the brand’s philosophy to “buck tradition,” it’s easy to see why the men of Midland were interested in a collaboration. The “Drinkin’ Problem” singers – Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy – have always stood out for their polished country sound and newfangled style.

Meanwhile sunny afternoons, chilly evenings and oak barrels are the culprits behind Insólito’s unique tastes. The tequila will come in three varieties – blanco, reposado and añejo – all of which have a separate aging process, flavor and bottle.

Blanco harnesses the flavors of pure blue agave and features herbal and buttery notes, according to the brand’s site. Sweeter notes are found in Insólito Reposado. The spirits inside the sea green bottle are aged for no longer than 10 months in American white oak barrels to allow for notes of vanilla and almond to seep through. For those seeking a bolder drinking experience, reach for Insólito Añejo inside the coral bottle. It’s aged between 18 to 24 months in American and French white oak barrels for a highly fragrant sip with notes of dried fruit, chocolate and nuts.

Keep an empty glass around to brace for the colorful bottles to hit the shelves of local stores across Texas. Sipping or mixing tequila to the music of Midland sounds like a great way to spend the summer.