Austin Social Hour
November 2016

Photographs by Leonid Furmansky

Erwin Meyer Private Art Show

September 30, 2016

On September 30, guests at “Erwin Meyer: Recent Work” enjoyed the colorful volume of work produced by the German artist after a painting hiatus of over 30 years. Guests moved to ’60s music hits while enjoying canapés and drinks.

Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Matt Watson & Tricia Peterson
Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Jennifer Zielisleo & Marshall Bainton
Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Craig Barker & Catherine Macdermott
Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Pierce Johnson, Cynthia Mills & Jennie Branch
Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Caitlin McKeand, Deb McKeand & Kate Singer
Erwin Meyer Tribeza
Laura Anne White & Joanna Steblay

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