Austin Social Hour
November 2016

Photographs by Breezy Ritter

Nordstrom Beauty Bar

September 30, 2016

On September 30, Nordstrom Domain Northside hosted a party where hundreds of customers got the chance to preview the store’s expansive cosmetic selection, enjoy complimentary consultations and learn the latest tips from the Nordstrom team of beauty experts including regional beauty director Gilbert Vera.

Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Camellia Falcon & Bianca Xoyamayagun
Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Marisa Wagner & Her Royal Highness
Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Danny & Alliete Arner
Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Elizabeth Landreth & Kelly Hutcheson
Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Gemma Lionello & Kristen Carden
Nordstrom Beauty Tribeza
Rodrigo Anglarill & Bruno Bottler

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