Bradford Maxfield Tribeza

Austin Social Hour
October 2016

Photographs by Miguel Angel

Street Art and Cocktail Event Celebrating Austin

August 20, 2016

New Amsterdam Vodka partnered with local street artist Bradford Maxfield to create seven original pieces of work for their “It’s Your Town” street art and cocktail party on Aug. 20 at a space on East Cesar Chavez. Attendees enjoyed complimentary cocktails, music by DJ Chino Casino and created their own street art on a ten-foot digital art wall, then printed their designs on tees for a parting gift.

It's Your Town Tribeza
Juan Restrepo & Gaby Aguierre
Its Your Town Tribeza
Emma Roberts & Zack Williamson
Its Your Town Tribeza
Shannon Kearns & Kendrie Dixon
Its Your Town Tribeza
Erika & Andrew Charles
Its Your Town Tribeza
Andrew & Ashley Groom
Its Your Town Tribeza
Raquel Toledo, Orlando Pequeno and Jessie Banks
Its Your Town Tribeza
Ashley Greenstein & Alex McManis
Its Your Town Tribeza
Tyler Henry & Mike Lee

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