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Artist Spotlight: Antonio Bond

TRANSPLANTS: Eclectic Floral Design

Artist Spotlight

antonio bond transplants floral design boutique austin

Antonio Bond

A celebrated local florist releases his debut book, ‘TRANSPLANTS: Eclectic Floral Design’

by Emma Banks

Native Austinite Antonio Bond became a florist nearly by accident, after discovering, much to his surprise, a love for floral design and arrangement while working at a local grocery store. Then, he became the go-to florist for the Hotel St. Cecilia, where he caught the eye of many hosts and brides, and his business quickly grew. Many years later, his debut book enters the landscape with much more intention than he had prior, though a common thread exists: Namely, Bond still roams his homeland (and elsewhere) in the same way he did back then, and though his business may have grown and his reputation risen, his commitment to paying homage to the person he is and the place he loves most does not waver. Simply put, “TRANSPLANTS” comes out of Bond’s search to create something lasting, with permanence and longevity as his compass.

antonio bond transplants floral design boutique austin

“For me, I was always jealous that painters and other artists like that get to hold onto what they made, you know? Those things had a lot longer lifespan than a floral arrangement. I wanted to make something that when I’m long gone, at least there’s some type of footprint that I laid down that still exists. That’s what really sparked the fire.”

“TRANSPLANTS” seeks to document as well as discover; for fans both old and new of Bond’s work, the book serves equally as a visual library of favorites and never-before-seen arrangements, bringing fresh inspiration to each page.

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