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Charcuterie Boards by Cultured Grazing Company Make Art Delicious

Colette Wetzel brings people together with colorful, eye-catching boards

After years of creating beautiful and thoughtfully curated cheese plates and grazing boards for family gatherings and celebrations, Colette Wetzel was able to transform her side hustle into a dream job when she founded Cultured Grazing Company back in 2017.

Wetzel’s local charcuterie-board business specializes in crafting grazing tables, platters, boxes and baskets filled with seasonal, locally sourced cured meats, sweet jams, cheeses, nuts, crackers and fresh and dried fruits.

Founder of Cultured Grazing Company, Colette Wetzel.

With each cheesy assemble, the charcutier is constantly mixing various cheeses to add soft or hard texture, color and infinite flavor. Her go-to shops to grab seasonal cheeses include Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Rebel Cheese and Central Market.

Beyond mastering the culinary art of charcuterie boards, Wetzel’s mission is to help Austinites connect with loved ones as they enjoy some tasty goodness.

“My ultimate goal and passion for the business is definitely bringing people together to create joyful experiences,” Wetzel says. “When they experience the cheese platters, I really want them to savor and celebrate the moment and take the time just to sit back and enjoy and connect with whoever they’re with.”

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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Wetzel pivoted her charcuterie-board business and started widening the scope of services to appeal to people looking for something simple and delicious to eat at home. Starting in 2021, she launched a series of virtual and socially distanced, in-person workshops in partnership with The Cathedral, where she teaches board-making and how to construct Cultured Grazing Company’s latest product — The DIY Grazing Platter Kit.

The kit comes with step-by-step instructions, tips from the founder, a cheese board pairing sheet and all of the high-quality ingredients.

“While we’re living with Covid-19, I want people to be able to have some fun and interactive experiences,” Wetzel says. “This kit is a great activity rather than me just dropping off an already made platter.”

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This Valentine’s Day, Cultured Grazing Company is offering an array of specials, including The Date Night Board, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate bark and much more for couples who want to enjoy delightful treats to mark the occasion.

“Last year and this year, I’ve hit the ground running,” Wetzel says. “I have tons of ideas, and I’m just really excited to launch everything and keep moving forward with the workshops and seeing all the ways I can get in front of people and give people opportunities to enjoy a cheese plate with someone they love.”

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