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Editor’s Letter: January 2016

Editor’s Letter – TRIBEZA

I have a penchant for changing interiors on a whim. Every few months, usually around deadline, I narrow in on one aspect of my home that I suddenly can’t stand and decide I won’t possibly be able to do another thing until I change it. Furniture is rearranged, rugs swapped from one room to the next and artwork moved from storage to the living room to the dining room and then back into storage. There is always a moment in the middle of it all, when books are stacked precariously in a corner and my end tables are on top of the sofa, when the panic sets in and I think, “Why did I do this?” Then I take a deep breath, collect myself and continue on.

I do it because the change feels good. It feels good to walk into a room that you have styled, that is filled with memories and art and great books. Our homes reflect our lives and our perspectives, and they should change as we do.

It is no coincidence that our Interiors Issue is published in January. It is a time to examine how we live, who we are and what we want the spaces around us to reflect. This month, TRIBEZA’s longtime columnist Kristin Armstrong captures this sentiment beautifully. She writes, “When we focus on our process and trust that the outcomes will unfold, we walk into our new year wholehearted, grateful, inspired and free.”

We hope this issue helps you walk into the new year inspired. From the beautiful home on our cover, a collaboration between Mark Ashby Design, Shiflet Group Architects and Dalgleish Construction Company, to the curated collections at SUPPLY Showroom, there is no shortage of beautiful spaces from which to draw.

And if you want to experience many of these homes in person, please join us on January 23 for the third annual TRIBEZA Interiors Tour. We have curated an incredibly dynamic group of homes from some truly talented designers, and we can’t wait to share them with you.