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Rebekah Gainsley and Laura Roberts

tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin rebekah gainsley design


Laura Roberts’ lifelong design journey began with her childhood interest in sewing and weaving and continued through her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. An interior designer since 2002, Roberts brought this education and experience to her collaboration with fellow designer Rebekah Gainsley on Gainsley’s own home.

tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin rebekah gainsley design

Gainsley, who shares the home with her two children, also brings a rich and varied background, in both social work and architecture, to her projects. The deceptively understated space features clean lines, an artful combination of richly saturated colors with paler hues and large windows that display Shoal Creek views. Gainsley’s well-curated art collection adds an unmistakable touch, and pieces from Black Sheep Unique, Scott + Cooner and her travels punctuate the redesigned interior.

tribeza interiors tour 2019 austin rebekah gainsley design

Roberts’ eye for texture pairs well with Gainsley’s meticulous vision, bringing the family space to life. There is a sophisticated use of color that is both monochromatic and lively. To a trained eye the materials are exact but to others it feels effortless and inviting.

Sharper silhouettes— like the geometric side tables, coffee table and desk— work in tandem with earthy tones and playful lighting to strike a balanced chord that connects with the greenery outside. Roberts and Gainsley have created an urban oasis in the middle of a bustling city. – SARAH KITCHEL

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