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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2021: BANDD DESIGN

Sara Malek Barney

Sara Barney is the mastermind behind BANDD DESIGN. She believes the design process should be highly collaborative and feel authentic to each individual. Sara loves to work with interesting patterns, colors and textures in her designs.

Historic Travis Heights Project

For this project, the clients wanted to remodel some areas in their historic home to make it feel unique and express their personality. Creating an environmentally friendly space was also very important, so the vast majority of furnishings and materials are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Barney wanted to highlight the family’s love of art and music throughout the home, as seen in the living room.
The fireplace features hand painted tile and an antique mantle surround.
The dining area’s geometric light fixture and colorful tiles is a nod to the home’s historical elements.
An MCM-inspired mirror reflects colorful yellow wallpaper in one of the home’s bathrooms.
Scalloped built-in shelves surround the tufted day bed, another nod to the home’s historic architecture.
The room’s hand painted wallpaper also glows in the dark.
A kilim rug pulls out details in the bathroom’s navy vanity and marble countertop.

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