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Tribeza Interiors Tour 2021: Breathe Design Studio

Christine Turknett

Interior photographs by Leonid Furmansky

Christine Turknett is the principal interior designer for Breathe Design Studio, a full-service interior design firm specializing in modern and contemporary design. Her aesthetic is rooted in warm modernism and draws from the Danish design approach of creating clean, comfortable and calming spaces. She believes that every detail should function well, even if that function is to bring joy.

Moody Modern Duplex

Designed by Alterstudio Architecture, this project draws from the concept of “warm minimalism” to transform light and airy finishes into a cozy and intimate modern space. Breathe Design Studio used color, wood tones and light and shadows to achieve moodiness while maintaining an unexpected Scandinavian charm. Well-being and sustainability also informed the overall design selections for the architecturally significant home.

A sculptural light fixture strikes a whimsical note and contrasts to the dining room table’s deep blue chairs.
Green and grey textiles create the lounge’s cozy and inviting atmosphere.
Floor to ceiling curtains allow for both privacy and a connection to nature.
Built-in shelves house the client’s art and textbook collection.
Alterstudio Architects helped create a more intimate environment and flow throughout the duplex.
The master bedroom dramatic palette incorporates a patterned wallpaper and dark ambience.
Designed for both beauty and function, custom walnut furniture completes the bedroom.

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