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A Look Behind: Brrr…

Randal Ford Tribeza barton springs

A Look Behind


by Tribeza Staff

Photographing four octogenarians in Barton Springs was an experience. There’s something I love about photographing older, and more importantly, wiser people. All of the subjects radiated a sense of optimism and hope that I tried to capture. Most shoots have some sort of challenge and for this one it was the temperature of Barton Springs. The frigid 68-degree spring water feels amazing when it’s 100 degrees out, but on this early spring day, it was chilly and windy outside. And after getting in and out of the water four times, I was chilled to the bone. But despite my shivering, it was still refreshing. The combination of spending time with wise 80+ year olds and dipping in and out of frigid spring water might just have been some sort of a revival for this photographer.

—Photographer Randal Ford.


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