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A Look Behind: In Recline

Randal Ford Tribeza

A Look Behind

Randal Ford Tribeza

In Recline

By MP Mueller
Photograph by Randal Ford

While Burt Reynolds confessed during an interview at SXSW this year that he regretted his infamous 1972 Cosmpolitan centerfold, millions enjoyed it. The first male centerfold revealed he needed a little liquid courage before posing with his hand strategically placed between his thighs. Randal Ford got three-year-old chimpanzee, Amari, to pose a la Burt, with only a banana as a bribe to recline just so.

You may be reading this before or after the November election, which seemed to draw us closer to our knuckle-walking primate relatives. We give this image an opposable thumbs up for taking us on a much-needed mental vacation.


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