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15-Minute Workouts with Vino Vinyasa Yoga

Founder Morgan Perry shares 6 Vinyasa-style flows perfect for a full body detox

Morgan Perry is the founder of Vino Vinyasa Yoga. Morgan’s wine experience started in wine marketing and PR in New York City, but it wasn’t until she took a trip to Chile that she truly fell in love with wine. She returned to New York and began taking Wine and Spirit Education Trust classes to learn more. She now has her Advanced Certification, which she passed with distinction. After about six years of being a yoga student, Morgan took the next step in her practice and became a certified yoga teacher. Vino Vinyasa (formerly Yoga Unwined) was born in New York City in early 2017.

Workout: Detox to Retox

In her signature Vino Vinyasa classes, founder Morgan Perry weaves wine education into the yoga flow so students learn fun wine facts while they practice. Each class then ends with a mindful, comparative tasting of two wines.

This fast-paced Vinyasa-style flow is designed to get your cardiovascular system going and improve your blood flow. “While there may not be a lot of scientific proof that twists actually help your organs to detox,” notes Morgan, “twisting and movement in general supports the functionality of the organs in performing their normal detox processes.”

Seated Twists

• Start seated with your legs extended
• Bend right knee, and place your right ankle on the outside of your left knee (option to bend both knees)
• Bring your right hand behind you
• Inhale and lengthen your spine, reach your other hand to the sky, exhale twist toward your right knee and hook your elbow outside your knee
• Repeat on other side

– Move to hands and knees in a table top position for Cat/Cow

Thread the Needle

• From table top, lift one arm up toward the sky, then thread it under your body between your opposite hand and knee
• Lower your shoulder and head toward the mat
• Your opposite hand can stay on the mat, reach forward, or wrap around your back
• Repeat on other side

Sun Salutation with Vinyasa

• Come to standing in mountain pose at the top of your mat
• Inhale, lift arms, exhale forward fold
• Inhale, lift halfway, exhale forward fold
• Step your right, then left foot back to a plank pose
• Inhale as you push onto your tiptoes so shoulders come in front of wrists
• Exhale as you lower all the way down to the mat, keeping elbows near your sides, hands should stay under shoulders
• Inhale as you lift your head, neck and chest up, leaving a bend in your elbows for a baby cobra
• Inhale as you lift up to downward facing dog, moving through plank or table top — lift your hips up toward the sky, arms stay straight and feet are hip distance apart. (Bend the knees to keep a flat back if you have tight hamstrings like me!)

Easy Twist

• Inhale to lift your right leg, then step your right foot forward into a runner’s lunge
• Line up your left fingertips with right toes
• Inhale as you lift right arm toward the sky; look up toward your fingers and breathe
• Exhale, bring your right fingertips down; step forward into a forward fold

– Repeat Sun Salutation with Vinyasa
– Repeat Easy Twist on Opposite Side
– Repeat Sun Salutation with Vinyasa

High Lunge Twist

• Inhale to lift your right leg, then exhale as you step your right foot forward
• Inhale as you lift your chest and arms so that you are in a high lunge, with your right knee at a right angle over your ankle
• Exhale hands to heart center
• Inhale lengthen spine, exhale twist chest and torso toward the left side of your mat
• Inhale lengthen spine, exhale bring left elbow to the outside of your right knee
• Keep breathing as you open your chest toward the sky
• Exhale hands down to runner’s lunge

– Repeat Sun Salutation with Vinyasa
– Repeat High Lunge Twist on Opposite Side
– Last Sun Salutation with Vinyasa

Reclined Twist

• Make your way onto your back and pull your knees into your chest
• Exhale and move your knees over the left side of your body
• Open your arms perpendicular to your body and gaze over your right shoulder
• Keep both shoulders on the floor, if possible
• Deepen the twist on your exhale
• Repeat on opposite side