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Melanie Jacobs on Founding Deep Roots ATX, Fab Décor, and Fall Hair Trends

We sat down with top hair stylist and co-owner of Deep Roots ATX to learn what's new at the ultra-stylish Austin salon

Melanie Jacobs, co-owner of Deep Roots ATX

We found ourselves drawn the the allure of swirling, sparkly disco balls, rich textiles and pretty color palettes spotted recently on a popular salon’s Instagram account. The photos showcased the new swanky look of the expanded Austin location of Deep Roots ATX Salon. While the revamped vibes drew us in, it was the charm of co-owner Melanie Jacobs that really won us over.

Mural at Deep Roots ATX Austin location by Sloke One (photo by Heidi Okla)

Melanie Jacobs and Haven Tibbetts are co-owners of Deep Roots ATX, which includes three successful locations of their high-end hair salons in addition to Skin by Deep Roots, offering a variety of skin care services such as fillers and anti-aging treatments. This delightfully likeable duo is also known as The Property Sistas for their thriving vacation rental business.

We recently sat down with Melanie Jacobs to chat about her initial motivation in opening Deep Roots ATX, the design inspiration for the expanded 360/N. Capital of Texas Highway location, and what’s coming up for this favorite local hair and skincare team.

Melanie Jacobs and Haven Tibbetts, co-owners of Deep Roots ATX

From teaching elementary school to enrolling in cosmetology school

A former teacher, Melanie realized that elementary school life wasn’t truly the fit she longed for. She had always thought about going cosmetology school and decided to make that leap at the age of 31, a time when she was also going through a divorce and balancing life as a mom of two children. With impressive self-motivation and passion, she knew she had to hustle after graduating the cosmetology program to best provide for her young kiddos. She completed an apprenticeship program in an Austin salon and worked there for the next four years before deciding to go out on her own. Luckily her client list kept expanding and helped launch her career even further.

Social media success & a special shout-out from Brooklyn Decker

After about six months into doing her own booth rental, Melanie had a very strong and loyal client base. She mentioned that one person who really helped build her exposure, a client, Brooklyn Decker. Decker, who was such a popular Austin figure at that time, helped propel her decision to open a salon.

“So when I decided to go out on my own after trying to balance family life with my kids, I was booked out and not taking new clients, then Brooklyn posted , and the following day, I had over 150 DMs”, Melanie recalled. “That was my first experience with what social media can do you for. Since then, it became such a really viral tool for us and our brand.”

With so much interest from a flurry of new clients wanted to book an appointment, she had a chat with her CPA who encouraged her to open a salon. That is when Deep Roots ATX was born.

“Opening a salon was never the actual goal. I just wanted to do hair. But I went for it. That was 5 and a half years ago”, Melanie noted. Two months in she realized she needed help on the business side, and she enlisted her co-partner Haven was was instrumental to the growth. Now Deep Roots ATX has eighty employees, three locations, a growing Deep Roots Skin brand — and the original location just got a gorgeous makeover.


photo courtesy of Deep Roots ATX


photo courtesy of Deep Roots ATX


photo courtesy of Deep Roots ATX, mural by Sloke One


photo courtesy of Deep Roots ATX

Design Inspo

Both Melanie and Haven have a love and true passion for interior design and renovation, which you can see showcased in the salons, but also in their colorful vacation rental properties. Their style is eclectic, bright, funky, and modern boho chic. Melanie actually lit up when chatting about interior design, noting that this type of project provides a fun way to for her to stay creative. She actually utilizes her interior design talents for some clients as a side project. She loves incorporating art installations and featuring local artists in both the salons and in the rental homes. There is definitely a sense of glam at the newly remodeled Austin location, but Melanie notes that each salon has a bit of its own unique vibe.

Deep Roots ATX Bee Cave location

What’s New for Deep Roots ATX?

Melanie and Haven wish to grow and strengthen their education program, Growing Roots, which is an educational opportunity for their stylists to educate other stylists. Classes feature techniques like balayage, color melting, foilayage, formulating, dry cutting, extensions, and more. They also offer business and marketing classes taught by the best in the local business. They hope to soon develop this into an online education opportunity for stylists. They also foresee an expansion of their Skin By Deep Roots into their other salons. (Currently it is just offered at the Cedar Park location).

Additionally, you can mark your calendar for the Grand Opening Party for the Austin 360 salon on Friday October 13 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Keep an eye on their Instagram account for more details.

While chatting with Melanie, we could not resist asking for some expert intel about the latest hair trends. She notes that “cowboy copper” is an on-trend color this fall. Expect to see a lot effortless style, less big curls or having a very “done” look. She notes, “Everything is very lifted now, more natural. The shag was having a moment, and now it’s more of an in-between shag and layered cut that’s more blended. Bobs are big right now, and graduation is coming back”, which Melanie explained is a version of a stacked bob.

photo courtesy of Melanie Jacobs. “Cowboy Copper” hair color trend for fall.

So how does Melanie keep with trends? She cites social media, film, television, travel, and lots of education from stylists in New York and LA. Melanie shared that personal inspiration often comes from following interior designers, noting Kelly Wearstler is a big influence on her whole vibe.

photo courtesy of Melanie Jacobs. Undone curls, more bang and less fringe, warmer blondes.

Melanie wrapped up our chat with a style tip that is certainly achievable for everyone. “I love a less curated look, where there are imperfections, where everything is more natural.” How perfectly fitting for laid back life in eclectic Austin, Texas.

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