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Equinox Austin’s Eric Cobb Shares His Favorite Things

Eric Cobb shares his essentials as he settles into life in Austin as the group fitness manger at Equinox

Equinox Group Fitness Eric Cobb

Eric Cobb lives by the motto “make ‘em sweat and make ‘em smile.” As the group fitness manager at Equinox, his mission is to bring “high energy” and “highly engaging” classes to the luxury fitness club’s new location, opening on South Congress this month. Cobb focuses on strength-training workouts that incorporate lifting, cardio and yoga — all set to motivating music. Cobb, who grew up in the Midwest, joined the Equinox team in 2013 and recently moved to Austin from New York City. “Between the year-round outdoor activities, the live music and the beautiful outdoor spaces, it’s such a contrast,” says Cobb, who shares the people, places and things he loves in his life.


Whether it’s to discover new music, to make workout playlists and play them in my classes, this is my go-to. It allows me to make the playlists offline, crossfade the tracks and adjust the equalizer on the fly so that I can maximize the sound in any studio.


I’m a huge coffee drinker and also try to keep my waste to a minimum. The French press allows me to make better-quality coffee than a drip machine without the waste of plastic containers.


I have to wear a tank when I work out as it allows my body to breathe. This tank is super high quality. It’s breathable, light and has the tech to be resistant to bacterial growth, which keeps odors away.


The versatility here is also key. I can do almost any exercise with them, and they aren’t going anywhere. They’re also great for a run around town as they do let in ambient noise so I can be aware of my surroundings. If I get an important call, I can answer with a double tap.


These shoes are so versatile I wear them every day. They are great for general training at the gym, but also work well outside of the gym. I prefer no-show socks and a slightly cuffed jean for a casual night out.


Whether it’s a quick evening run or a morning off on the water with a kayak or paddleboard, it’s the perfect place to get some “me time.” I’m a recent transplant from NYC, and the year-round utility of Lady Bird Lake is a game-changer for me.


Everything I really need in Austin is just a 10- to 20-minute scoot away. When I’m heading somewhere not too far, hopping on a scooter is a huge timesaver. Lime are my favorite because they are sturdy, have a strong brake system and some speed.


My job is all about people and being social. Often at the end of the day, my social battery can be low, so Netflix is a great way for me to unplug and let my mind recharge. While it may sound completely brainless, there are some pretty interesting shows popping up on the platform. One of my favorites is “Chef’s Table.”


I’m lucky to have a family that has a really tight bond and to have a couple of friends I grew up with. Especially after my family and I have moved around so many times, getting my parents, my brothers and my sisters-in-law in one place is asking for nonstop laughter. We all get together about once a year, and it’s something I look forward to all year.


More than any other medium, Instagram allows me to communicate in creative ways with my friends, family and followers. I’m definitely not an influencer … but it really lets me express myself when I don’t always have an immediate outlet to do so.