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Athletic Wear & Fitness Gear for Stylish, Effective Workouts

Shop our list of shoes, shorts, equipment and more

Bala Bangles The Power Ring, $85

Bala Bangles workout accessories are a great way to get your sweat on or stretch it out. The weighted Power Ring is a go-to for yoga, pilates and beyond. These tools are sure to kick it up a notch for your everyday stretch and flex rituals. Pair the Power Ring with the Weighted Bangles to really feel the burn!

Mako Short, $68

Rhone’s 7” Men’s Mako Short supports mobility with four-way stretch and gusseted seams so a fitness-focused guy can keep his attention on squats and lunges. Plus, these shorts look sharp thanks to a great fit and six different color options – which means he can wear them outside the gym, too.

Women’s Timp 3, $140

Altra’s Timp 3 is an amazing all-terrain running shoe for women that sets you up for success on your training days. These shoes have a specially patented technology for the perfect fit, grip, cushioning and support while you’re hitting the trail, track or pavement.

Men’s Paradigm 5, $150

The men’s Paradigm 5 running shoe is an all-star when it comes to performance, whether you’re adding street miles in town or out on the trails. The technology in these shoes was developed for comfort, bounce rebound and overall stability.

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra, $58

This bra provides medium support and comfortable coverage for your next yoga class or outdoor adventure. It’s super breathable with a mesh fabric racerback and comes in nine colors so you can mix and match with your favorite bottoms. 

Athleta Solace Bra, $49

If your workout routine is full of bendy, stretchy, sweaty activities, this bra is for you because it’s so incredibly comfortable. It’s cute, too, with crisscross straps and fun color choices. Pair this bra with some options below for your lower body.

Athleta Bottoms, various

Athleta’s yoga pants, shorts and comfy bottoms are all wonderful. The brand’s Ultimate Essentials Guide showcases six options from categories like Yoga & Studio, Run & Train and Hike & Explore. The Farallon and Elation styles are our favorites, but they all have fit-friendly cuts and high-quality materials that are great for every body type and the activities you love.

Reign Tank, $58

The Rhone Reign Tank is the stylish and soft solution fitness or just having some fun outside. Moisture wicking with anti-odor and sun blocking technology, this innovative activewear will quickly become a favorite in a guy’s collection of cool summery attire.

Boxraw Knuckle Guard, $39

BOXRAW has a vision to “be the reason the world got into boxing” and with knuckle guards, hand wraps, attire and equipment, they’re taking things one right hook at a time. They have a solid mission with top-notch products and the guard/wrap combo is great for boxing, sparring and punching bags.   

HealthyLine InfraMat Pro- Mesh JT Pad Medium, $199

These multifaceted healing mats from HealthyLine help soothe sore muscles and can create a sense of relaxation for spa-like comfort in your own home. The versatile InfraMat Pro- JT Pad is a medium sized mesh mat that has infrared heat with negative ions, hot stone therapy from jade and tourmaline, and formable flexibility to support soothing joints, aches and pains. Use code Tribeza10s for 10 percent off and FREE shipping from HealthyLine.

HealthyLine TAJ Mat Photon PEMF InfraMat Pro, $1,049

For that full-body R&R, this “best in class” gemstone mat combines amethyst, jade and tourmaline for firm support and at-home healing. The mat uses photon light therapy and hot stone therapy, negative ions and infrared heat to enhance your recovery rate. These mats temporarily increase circulation, can help soothe aches and pains while providing various wellness benefits. Use code Tribeza10s for 10 percent off and FREE shipping from HealthyLine.

Glyder High Power Legging, $74

Redesigned for performance and comfort, the flattering fit of these leggings will make them the most fashionable item in your fitness wardrobe. Eye-catching patterns like the “Spotted Vintage Black” add another dimension of style because working out is more fun when you feel fabulous.