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Kristin Armstrong Discusses Hardship and Resilience in New Podcast Episode

The columnist joined Tribeza’s Nourish event earlier this month

Tribeza, in partnership with She-She Media + Design and EnVibe Life, hosted our second annual Nourish retreat at the glamorous Commodore Perry Estate on Sunday, March 7.

The in-person and online extravaganza of wellness featured seminars, workshops, classes and special appearances from a lineup of amazing experts in various fields and community leaders to create one-of-a-kind programming designed to enhance the mind, body and soul.

The entirety of the Nourish content is still available virtually on the event website. Use code NOURISH at ticketing to access from now until April 7th for only $10.

Scenes from Nourish 2021.

We are excited to invite our community to listen in for free to a podcast discussion that took place at Nourish as Amy Parker and Cheryl Dunn of EnVibe Life and Tribeza columnist Kristin Armstrong spoke about Covid-19, intention seeking, balance and how we, as a community, can move forward after trying times.

“We had to stop, we had to look at ourselves and our relationships, our life choices, and it created almost this amazing filtration process,” Armstrong said in the talk, which is available today on Spotify. “Maybe things that weren’t as important or things we thought were really important, but maybe when they were gone, and we didn’t miss them, we realized, ‘You know what, I didn’t need all that.’”

The special session is part of EnVibe Life’s podcast series, which is available to stream on platforms like Spotify, Podplay Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

“There are many avenues to find wellness of mind, body and soul. It doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all or a one formula for each person. In fact, I think it’s the opposite,” notes Amy Parker. “Part of our journey here is for each of us to find what that balance is for ourselves and what works for ourselves and so by taking advantage of days like today and the wealth of speakers we have an event like this you can start to piece that together and figure out what works for you.”

Visit the Nourish website for more information about our Nourish experts, classes and goodie bag offerings.