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Tribeza Kicks Off the New Year with a Focus on Wellness

Our January Issue highlights self care and healthy practices to incorporate into your daily routine

Has a bee ever landed on you, and instead of getting scared, you appreciate the possibility that you got confused for a flower? This is my new mindset as we enter 2022. Look at the positivity in the world around me. Shift my mindset. See life from a new perspective. Change conversations. View things differently.

We kick off our Wellness Issue with Texas Beeworks — a beekeeping company on a mission to preserve, protect and increase bee populations by helping bees and beekeepers thrive. Beeworks’ founder, Erika Thompson, is all about hives before honey, focusing on the health and wellness of the hive, and maintaining a healthy honeybee population.

Here’s a fun find: One out of three bites of food we eat is dependent on bees. Erika explains, “When you have an apple or a cup of coffee, you have a bee to thank for that. Also, 90 to 100 percent of the hive is female. Males don’t defend the hive or contribute to food collection.”

Carrie Crowe tries her hand at beekeeping for Tribeza’s Wellness Issue.

And this girl has guts (unlike me, in full beekeeper get-up). Erika is so in-tune with her bees and their behavior, that when it comes to a beekeeping suit, I guess you could say she goes “commando.” The proof is in the pictures.

This issue continues to get your blood pumping with our feature on “Adrenaline Junkies.” Did you know a boost of adrenaline every now and then can be beneficial to your overall wellness? We spotlight skydiving, rock climbing, ziplining, Jiu-Jitsu, diving and boxing. We also include six 15-minute workouts with local trainers in our “Fitness Fanatics” series — covering everything from barre, pilates and cycling, to hardcore burn and HIIT. Wind down with a workout from Vino Vinyasa Yoga and read about two Hill Country glamping resorts that encourage you to get a taste of the wild life, while leaving your sleeping bag at home.

There’s truly so much to look forward to in the new year. See you in 2022!