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Art Pick: 101 Semesters Beyond the Studio

Sinclair Black

Art Pick: Sinclair Black

Exhibition: March 27 – April 27
Mebane Gallery in Goldsmith Hall
Lecture by Sinclair Black: April 24
Goldsmith Hall 3.120

Sinclair Black is not simply an architect. A professor at the University of Texas for more than 50 years (101 semesters, if you will), Black has been a visionary in urban planning, an advocate for preservation and a designer of pleasant, liveable streetscapes.

Black’s work is often described as “quiet” due to his use of natural materials and respect for an area’s heritage. He has won numerous awards (including the Texas Society of Architects’ Medal of Lifetime Achievement) for his unique foresight and vision, which can be seen in his 1984 campaign to preserve the currently booming Seaholm Power Plant area and his more recent campaign to bury the I-35, tearing down the barrier between East and West Austin. Prior to his architecture firm Black + Vernooy taking up residence on 4th Street, the Warehouse District was composed of, well, desolate warehouses. But thanks to Black’s work with a 10-year Great Streets Master Plan, the area developed into a vibrant destination with charming shops and luxurious accommodations.

The retrospective will feature 74 projects, models, and sketches from his travels. Black himself will provide insight into his work during a lecture on April 24. This exhibit is a rare opportunity to delve into the mind of a master planner, and possibly see what the future holds for the city.

101 Semesters Beyond the Studio

March 27 – April 27

Lecture by Sinclair Black

April 24
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Goldsmith Hall
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