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ARTBASH: An Art Party For Everyone


Things to Do in Austin This Weekend

When it comes to art, the unfamiliar and sometimes stuffy gallery experience can be a turn-off. Fortunately, this month the Art Alliance Austin offers a solution: ARTBASH. The event gives attendees the opportunity to experience art in a fun, non-traditional way during a one-night-only event at The Belmont.

“It’s much more of a party,” explains Asa Hursh, Executive Director of the Art Alliance Austin. “It removes all stiffness … gets people away from the normal way of looking at art. You’re going to be able to interact with in a familiar setting.”

According to Hursh, the Alliance’s main mission is building a community of art patrons and an infrastructure in which artists and galleries can thrive. ARTBASH works to serve that purpose, and the organization partnered with two local curators to totally transform The Belmont and create an immersive experience featuring art of all different mediums. Attendees can expect to see everything from video and live performance to sculpture and photography from both local and international artists, big names and up-and-comers.

The unconventional evening exhibition runs from 9pm to 2am, during which attendees will enjoy drinks, a DJ and dancing amongst the array of installations. And for those who want a preview before the main event and a more personal experience with the artists and their work, there’s an intimate dinner reception planned beforehand with a live performance by Austin-based musician Dana Falconberry.

“The amount of time and energy we’re investing into this art party is unparalleled.” Hursh says. “It’s a full sensory experience.”

ARTBASH will be held at the Belmont on November 7. For more details about the event and to purchase tickets, head here.

Artwork by Bob Schneider