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“Now or Never”: An Exhibition of Work by St. Edward’s Photo Alumni

“Now or Never:” An Exhibition of Work by St. Edward’s Photo Alumni

St. Edward’s University Fine Arts Gallery, Through March 15

We have all at some point been confronted with the terrifying feeling of venturing into the unknown. Standing at the precipice of possibility, filled with both fear and excitement, we have had to stop, take a deep breath and jump. Finding a sense of purpose through leaps of faith embodies the current exhibition at St. Edward’s University’s Fine Arts Gallery. Ongoing through March 15, “Now or Never” showcases the work of eight photo alumni (all of whom graduated in 2007 or 2008): Jaime Alexis, John Clendenen, Matt Ellis, Monika Kratochvil, Michelle Leedy, Brandon Maxwell, Jessy Price and Ryan Slack. Using multiple mediums, like photography, videography and sound installation, the show as a whole paints the picture of the unexpected and intertwining journeys these artists have taken.

Meeting in the university’s photocommunications program, the students became close while working together on assignments. Although their paths took different directions after they completed their degrees, one by one they all found themselves living in New York. Collectively, they work for an impressive list of companies, such as Condé Nast, Droga5 and VICE Media, and in many cases, themselves. Among them are master retouchers, independent photographers, associate producers and creative directors. Most importantly, to one another, they are friends.

Before the gallery reception on March 14 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., hear them speak about their experiences on a panel moderated by former professor Bill Kennedy.

“Now or Never”


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