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Kronos Quartet Joins Filmmaker Sam Green to Create a One-of-a-Kind Live Documentary Experience

“A Thousand Thoughts:” Kronos Quartet and Sam Green

Bass Concert Hall, March 27

Two imaginative forces have joined to create a one-of-a-kind live documentary experience that explores our collective human connection to the power of music. “A Thousand Thoughts” is the latest project from Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Sam Green and Joe Bini, who unravel the story and impact of the classical string ensemble Kronos Quartet. As Green narrates in front of archival footage, interviews and images, he’ll be joined onstage by the world-renowned group.

Kronos are no strangers to shaking things up. This type of multimedia collaboration has been ingrained in the quartet since they were founded by violinist David Harrington in 1973, who formed the group after becoming fascinated by composer George Crumb’s “Black Angels.” The electric string piece included unconventional and surreal effects like gongs and spoken word, sparking infinite possibilities in Harrington of what classical music could represent. Kronos Quartet’s bold approach has since led them through an impressive and creative list of collaborations, often transcending the boundaries of a singular genre. Strings and bows blend harmoniously to reimagine songs by the likes of rock legends, Mexican folk artists and modern pop stars. It’s no surprise that in their 40 years, they have won global acclaim and numerous awards, including a Grammy and the esteemed Avery Fisher Prize.

“A Thousand Thoughts”

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