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The Best Available Evidence: Rebecca Marino


grayDUCK Gallery
April 1 – May 1

Rebecca Marino breaks universal barriers with “The Best Available Evidence,” a photography exhibition inspired by found documents assembled to prove the existence of UFOs. Marino playfully experiments with ideas from the beyond by questioning the validity of these claims, and tempting viewers to go on a journey with her through the galaxy.

“The Best Available Evidence” creates a cosmic, dreamy world that brings light to the contrasting ideas of scientific proof and the intangible belief in the extraordinary. Through photographic evidence and a range of mixed mediums, Marino challenges anyone from a scientist to a student to ask in-depth questions. Her work inspires the creation of new implications and possible connections to our outside world.

A recorded soundtrack by Not Now Underground will accompany the exhibition to enhance the visual experience at grayDUCK’s decoy gallery space. “The Best Available Evidence” exhibition runs from April 1 to May 1.

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