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Step Into the Quirky World of the Haas Brothers’ ‘Snails in Comparison’ at Lora Reynolds Gallery

Austin Inspiration, Global Recognition

On Thursday, May 11, Lora Reynolds Gallery presented a conversation featuring Simon Haas, one-half of acclaimed art duo The Haas Brothers.

Carter Foster, the Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Blanton Museum of Art, joined Haas for the engaging discussion.

Hosted at the 18-year-old gallery’s new location on West 6th Street, the discussion focused on the inspiration and making of The Haas Brothers’ latest show, Snails in Comparison.

It is currently on display and is the inaugural exhibit at Lora Reynolds Gallery’s new space.

Sticky Haas, 2023, hand-carved Pele de Tigre, blown glass.

Meet the Haas Brothers

Fraternal twins and sculptors Nikolai Haas and Simon Haas hail from an artistic Austinite family. Their signature style is described as “blurring the line between art and design.”

The brothers currently live in Los Angeles and have exhibitions at major museums around the globe.

But they frequently cite Austin as a huge influence on their creative vision.

Known for designing bizarre objects, furniture and characters, each of their masterfully constructed creations conveys a playfulness largely formed by their upbringing in the Capital City.

The Haas Brothers Snails in Comparison
Meryl Sleep, 2023, hand-carved Pele de Tigre, blown glass.

Meet the Snails

Snails in Comparison is a weird and delightful exploration into an overlooked creature.

Scattered around the floor of the gallery are anthropomorphic (and occasionally bawdy) snail sculptures varying in size, color and personality.

They express various emotions like grumpiness, discomfort and curiosity.

The artists formed the mollusk structures with delicate and vibrant blown glass for the bodies. Hand-carved marble comprises the shells.

In a separate room stands arguably the most heartfelt piece of work. It’s an abstract, six-foot-tall, bronze statue of Simon embracing his beloved nephew, Fox.

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The Haas Brothers Snails in ComparisonInspired by Portugal and Austin

Haas shared that the inspiration for Snails in Comparison came from a trip the brothers took to Portugal.

On a visit to the historic Batalha Monastery, the siblings found a small snail carved into the limestone walls. It was accompanied by a personal signature from one of the masons.

The sight moved them and Snails in Comparison was born.

Haas also discussed the influence that his Austin upbringing has on this specific collection. He referenced Daniel Johnston’s iconic “Hi, How Are You” mural.

See ‘Snails in Comparison’ through May 27, 2023. Visit Lora Reynolds Gallery’s Instagram for the full conversation.