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Savilino’s Signature Touch — Redefining Hospitality Experiences in Austin

Luxury in Every Stitch and Seam

If you’ve ever eaten out in Austin, there is a good chance you’ve met something Savilino has made. 

Serving over 75 of the best restaurants, hotels and businesses in Austin alone, the team at Savilino designs and manufactures custom aprons, uniforms, leather goods and more for the hospitality industry.

While Austin has proven to be rich with opportunity for this growing local business, its clientele actually spans from coast to coast and beyond. 

The Savilino Way

Through its unique approach to form and practicality, Savilino creates items that enhance the guest experience while simultaneously elevating the staff and brands that use them.

“We imagine this immersive table-sized world that both guests and staff inhabit together for a couple hours as they interact with one other,” explains Chris Savittiere, owner and designer at Savilino.

“We like to add all the little details that make that experience special,” Savittiere continues. “From the uniforms and aprons chefs and servers wear to the menus and check presenters the diners hold in their hands.”

“These things should be beautiful, well-made and functional.” 

SavilinoThe team at Savilino is also known for helping businesses with other items, including upholstery, décor and random creative requests.

“Most of all, we are a business built around establishing a deeper relationship with our clients beyond just being a vendor for quality goods,” says Savittiere.

“Our goal is to determine what you do, what you need and how we can help make that happen in the best possible way.”

Sky’s the Limit at Savilino 

There are very few limitations in the Savilino approach to supplying clients with finished goods.

When it comes to aprons and uniforms, its formula combines designing from scratch, customizing own in-house collections or simply sourcing ready-made garments and altering them as needed to meet the client’s vision.

Similarly, its leather goods are a mix of bespoke and stock items that are customizable in countless ways.

Zoom out, and you’ll see Savilino as a one-stop shop for businesses wanting to successfully dial-in that “table-sized world.”

Bring Savilino Style Home

For those who want to own a piece of Savilino craftsmanship, they have expanded their offerings to home chefs and diners alike.

With the recent release of its new website and online store, you can currently find collections of design-forward, industry-grade aprons.

Over the course 2023, its product lines will broaden to include table settings and other dining and kitchen gear in true Savilino style.

Check out the entire program at Savilino’s website.

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