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Banding Together ATX Launches to Raise Funds in Wake of Canceled SXSW

“Consider this your opportunity to still make something cool happen in Austin,” organizers say

With South by Southwest canceled for the first time in its history due to the spread of the Coronavirus across the world, the economic impact on Austin’s artists, businesses and employees will be massive. Hopeful artists no longer have places to play. Venues that were booked are now without events on their calendars. Servers and other hospitality workers whose livelihoods depend on tips and extra shifts during Austin’s signature 10-day event will struggle to bring in wages. The list goes on.

Here’s one way to help: Banding Together ATX, a fundraiser to ameliorate the impact of a canceled SXSW 2020, launched after Friday’s announcement by Austin Mayor Steve Adler and has raised $12,000 so far. But with a goal of $100,000, they still need help.

Robert Ellis performing at Mohawk during SXSW 2019. Photo by Chris Saucedo/Getty Images.

Organized by The Red River Cultural District, which represents live music venues Cheer Up Charlies, Barracuda, Beerland, Empire, Elysium, Mohawk, Scratchhouse, Stubb’s, Swan Dive and The Venue ATX, as well as promoters Heard Presents, Margin Walker, Austin-based software startup Prism.FM and other local businesses, Banding Together ATX aims to provide relief to artists, venues and events affected.

“Our venues and staff are ready and willing to work to make ten glorious days of music, art, culture and technology happen across our city, and more folks around town are joining us every minute,” the organizers say on their GoFundMe page. “Artists and workers have incurred expenses to get to and stay in the ‘Live Music Capitol of the World’ during the next few weeks. Some may have been reimbursed or refunded but many folks are out thousands of dollars. Our goal is to keep as many artists as possible coming to Austin. We also want to assist re-homing events that are losing their venues.”

Stubb’s BBQ along with many other venues, musicians and businesses will be negatively impacted by the festival’s cancellation.

With the money raised, Banding Together ATX will work to reschedule showcases and events. They are asking artists and sponsors to fill out a form to enlist help if their event has been canceled.

“Consider this your opportunity to still make something cool happen in Austin. We know you still believe in supporting the community in Austin and want to help,” fundraisers say.  “This good-will donation goes towards the thousands of people here, performing, working, and trying to survive.”

There’s a full list of participating organizations on their page and button to donate and share with others so more people can pitch in and help #BandingTogetherATX meet its goal.