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This April Austin Food + Wine Festival Creates a Culinary Playground Across Auditorium Shores

Austin Food + Wine Festival

Auditorium Shores & Fair Market, April 26–28

Austin is a food and drink lover’s paradise. Not only are we patrons of a rapidly growing and diverse food industry, but our restaurants are host to some of the nation’s greatest chefs and mixologists. Trying it all can feel overwhelming!

Luckily for us, we have the Austin Food + Wine Festival — a culinary playground highlighting our city’s renowned savory scene, with local (Tyson Cole, Fermín Núñez, Kristen Kish) and national (Nancy Silverton, Andrew Zimmern, Jonathan Waxman) talent to boot. Come April, Auditorium Shores and Fair Market will be filled with food-and-drink-focused activities, including fire pits manned by barbecue experts, a hands-on grilling masterclass and a cutthroat taco showdown among local and global icons where one “tortilla-wrapped treat” will take all. For those who want more, “Feast Under the Stars” will prelude the fest, on Thursday evening, and feature a decadent five-course meal, with each dish created by a different award-winning chef.

In addition to providing a memorable edible experience, the gathering celebrates the hardworking and passionate restaurateurs, chefs and sommeliers who continue to make Austin a high-profile destination for all things delicious. A portion of the revenue raised from the event will go toward the Austin Food + Wine Alliance, a nonprofit that has invested more than $250,000 directly into Central Texas’ culinary community.

Austin Food + Wine Festival


900 W Riverside Dr.
Austin, TX 78704