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Austin Ice Cream Festival Keeps Us Cool This Summer

Austin Ice Cream Festival

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If you live in Austin, you already know what the summer has in store. Once the season is in full swing, sometimes the most you can ask for is that the daily high has only two digits. But it wouldn’t be Texas without a little sun, and the fact is that Austin knows how to make the most of the heat. Even on days when you want to stay cool in the AC, there are always reasons to step outside, and this month they culminate at the Austin Ice Cream Festival.

austin ice cream fest fiesta gardensThe event, which takes place on June 23, is an annual gathering at Fiesta Gardens on Lady Bird Lake that features more frozen desserts than you could ever want. The only question is how you want to get your brain freeze on: while hanging out on the lawn listening to live music? As a follow-up to some trailer food? Or, if you’re efficient, maybe shoveling everything down as part of an ice-cream-eating competition? The gathering is of course family-friendly (and dog-friendly!) during the daytime (10 – 3 p.m.) but this year’s festival comes with a part two, after the kids go home. After Dark is a reopening of the event with a fresh batch of musicians and an assortment of desserts that just might get you buzzed. Talk about summer vibes.