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Music Pick: Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson

Concerts at the River House, Spicewood – March 4
Concerts at Threadgill’s World Headquarters, Austin – March 16 & 17

Do me a favor and ask yourself, when was the last time a new artist knocked your socks clean off? I’m talking shoes, socks, hair blown back, “need-to-take-a-seat-cause-this-sounds-so-good” off. I’m talking, “tell your loud friend to pipe down in the middle of a solo” good. I’m talking “they’ve got you singing along by the end of the song, and it’s the first time you heard it!” good. Now I don’t expect EVERYONE to have an answer, but I do hope the ones who do say Jackie Venson.

Venson has the full package. She’s a Berklee College graduate, a guitarist, a pianist, a singer and a songwriter. I like to think she has the vocal tenderness of Sade and the musical abilities comparable to (pardon the blasphemy) Stevie Ray Vaughan. Venson shimmers when she sings, but truly shines when she has a guitar in her hands — hell she can play circles around your average guitarist on 6th Street. I may be gushing, but this girl has got the gift! If you’re skeptical, as you should be, I implore you to give Jackie Venson a shot and find her this March, you will not be disappointed!

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