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Kelly Framel Art Gallery Opens in East Austin

After 17 years away, Framel has returned to Austin with new artwork inspired by her residency in Mexico and layered in spiritual symbolism

Kelly Framel is an Austin-born multidisciplinary artist whose enigmatic works display both masterful skill and unrestrained experimentation. A creator who’s lived a colorful life with a diverse background in a number of fields, Framel uses her many influences to create layered and profound pieces. Her adventure-seeking attitude led to years of traveling and residencies in Los Angeles, New York and an extremely remote area near Oaxaca. After 17 years away, Framel is back in Austin and is bringing her rich life experiences with her to cultivate creativity and community in her hometown.

Kelly Framel Gallery opened on the East Side this October. The gorgeous creations that fill the environment are all vibrant and worldly with a touching display of innocence.

Framel’s décor echoes the vibrant palette throughout her works.

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The space shows the stunning evolution in Kelly’s work after her return to Texas where she’s found clarity as an artist. “This plant grows fastest in its native dirt,” she explains. Framel’s collection of work shows her journey to mastering her craft and finding her voice as an artist that is more primitivistic and freer than before. Her glorious art space displays a determination to pay tribute to the weird little place that made her. Framel’s gallery and the unconfined nature of her work exists to remind fellow Austinites to be in touch with their instincts and let their inner child free to create.

Details from Framel’s 36 x 29 in piece, “Wamamoon.”

Visit Kelly Framel Gallery at 2000 E 6th St Suite 3.