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The Kilroy Star Lights Up Downtown Austin’s Indeed Tower this Winter

The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of downtown Austin

In the midst of a pandemic that caused many of us to struggle in darkness, the Kilroy Stars appeared to illuminate a hopeful path. John Kilroy, real estate developer and dedicated supporter of public art, commissioned the dazzling star structure to return brightness, beauty and shared experiences to its viewers.

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The brilliant light-art installation intertwines art and architecture while also providing a unique form of community engagement. The journey of the Kilroy Star began by sparking wonder into people on the West Coast, with installations in San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles. The pop-up art program continues to spread light as it debuts in Downtown Austin this November and will remain here until March of 2022.

Photo by Haley Hill

For the entire duration of its stay in the capital city, the large shining sculpture will remain lit up. Spanning 20 feet in diameter and utilizing over 30,000 individually programmable LED bulbs, the forward-thinking project is as environmentally conscious as it is awe inspiring. From the star itself expect mesmerizing patterns, rhythms and colors to be projected including morse code tributes, twinkling holiday displays, color-coded meteorology reports, partnerships with non-profit organizations, musicians, artists and even more to be announced. Austinite stargazers will be mesmerized, moved and reminded of the importance of public art.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the Kilroy Star to appear on the corner of 6th Ave. and Colorado St. this winter, and check out other installations of the remarkable light sculpture at