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Experience Sarah Oppenheimer’s C-010106 at the University of Texas

Experience Sarah Oppenheimer’s C-010106 at the University of Texas

The reflective work of public art is now on display at the Cockrell School of Engineering

By Meher Qazilbash
Photos by Richard Barnes and courtesy of Landmarks, The University of Texas at Austin

C-010106, an innovative outdoor installation created by New York-based artist Sarah Oppenheimer, is now showing at UT’s Cockrell School of Engineering campus.

Commissioned by Landmarks, UT’s public art program, C-010106 consists of two structures positioned at opposite ends of the Peyton Yates Family pedestrian footbridge. Each part is composed of four panes of glass — two reflective, diagonal sheets sandwiched between two vertical sheets. At the intersection of the four panes, the glass passes through an incision in the bridge’s surface, enabling passersby on the top of the bridge to see the reflections of those underneath, and vice versa.

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Combining sculpture and architecture, the composition creates a compelling social experience for pedestrians. Adding a dynamic element to the rituals of daily life, Oppenheimer’s work asks viewers to see others in a new perspective, heighten their awareness of their surroundings and perhaps share an unexpected exchange with a stranger.

“C-010106 is a catalyst: it reconfigures social patterns emerging within the flux of public place,” says Oppenheimer. “I am eager to see the piece animated by intimate exchanges passing through and around its contours.”

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