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13 SXSW Film & TV Screenings We Can’t Wait to See

All the premieres to catch with your badges when the festival kicks off in Austin this year

SXSW will return to Austin on March 8 for a 10-day extravaganza featuring a number of film and TV premieres. While there’s an overwhelming amount of screenings to keep track of, read below to find a list of some of the most intriguing titles premiering at the festival this year. For screening times and more details, click on each title.


Still from Road House starring Jake Gyllenhaal (photo by Amazon MGM Studios).

Road House

Prepare for high-octane thrills with Amazon MGM Studios’ latest release, Road House, a modern take on the beloved 80s cult classic. This adrenaline-fueled adventure follows an ex-UFC fighter as he navigates the tumultuous world of working as a bar bouncer in the Florida Keys. The star-studded cast includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, and Jessica Williams.


Directed by Pamela Adlon of Better Things fame, Babes takes viewers on a hilarious journey through the complexities of an unexpected pregnancy following a one-night stand. Ilana Glazer plays Eden, seeking solace and guidance from her married best friend and mother of two, Dawn, portrayed by the talented Michelle Buteau.

The highly-anticipated The Fall Guy will premiere at SXSW this year (photo courtesy of SXSW).

The Fall Guy

In The Fall Guy, battle-scarred stuntman Colt Seavers, played by Ryan Gosling, springs back into action after a year-long hiatus when the star of a major studio movie suddenly disappears. Directed by David Leitch, known for his work on Bullet Train and Deadpool 2, this action comedy feature follows Colt as he uncovers a conspiracy while striving to win back the love of his life, his ex Jody (Emily Blunt), amidst the dangers of both his day job and the unraveling mystery.


A dazzling new feature from independent film studio A24, Y2K depicts two high school juniors who crash a New Year’s Eve party and unexpectedly fight for survival on the chaotic night of December 31, 1999. Directed by SNL alum Kyle Mooney and starring Rachel Zegler, Jaeden Martell, and Julian Dennison, this dial-up disaster comedy promises to be a hilarious and heart-pounding journey through the turn of the millennium.

Based on the novel by Robinne Lee, The Idea of You stars Anne Hathaway, Nicholas Galitzine and more (photo by Amazon MGM Studios).

The Idea of You

The Idea of You follows Solène, a 40-year-old single mom whose chance encounter with 24-year-old heartthrob Hayes Campbell at Coachella ignites a whirlwind romance. Starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, this romantic comedy explores the challenges of their unconventional relationship as Solène navigates life in the spotlight alongside her newfound love. Directed by Michael Showalter and based on the novel by Robinne Lee, get ready for a heartwarming and hilarious journey through love, fame, and unexpected connections.

Secret Mall Apartment

Secret Mall Apartment documents the extraordinary story of eight Rhode Islanders who covertly created a hidden sanctuary within the bustling Providence Place Mall in 2003, living there for four years while capturing their experiences on film. The secret apartment evolved into a symbol of resistance against local gentrification, a hub for artistic collaboration, and a bold statement of defiance. This documentary, directed by Jeremy Workman and executive produced by Jesse Eisenberg, unravels the remarkable tale of rebellion, camaraderie, and the quest for freedom in an unlikely setting.

Festival favorite Girls Will Be Girls will have its Texas premiere at SXSW (photo courtesy of SXSW).

Girls Will Be Girls

Shuchi Talati’s directorial debut, Girls Will Be Girls, delves into the complexities of desire and rebellion within an elite boarding school in the Himalayas. The film follows 16-year-old Mira as she navigates the tumultuous waters of adolescence, only to have her journey interrupted by her mother’s unresolved past. As Mira grapples with her sexual awakening, she must confront the ghosts of her mother’s unfulfilled youth, shaping her understanding of love, freedom, and self-discovery.

Sing Sing

Sing Sing brings to life the inspiring story of incarcerated actors participating in a theatre workshop at Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Directed by Austin-based filmmaker Greg Kwedar and featuring a talented ensemble including Colman Domingo and Clarence Maclin, this poignant film delves into the transformative power of art and redemption behind bars. Distributed by A24, this festival favorite feature sheds light on the real-life arts rehabilitation program, offering a moving portrayal of hope and humanity amidst adversity.


Based on the sci-fi series by Liu Cixin, 3 Body Problem stars Eiza González, John Bradley, Benedict Wong and more (photo courtesy of SXSW).

3 Body Problem

Based on Liu Cixin’s acclaimed sci-fi book series and created by Game of Thrones showrunners, 3 Body Problem stars Eiza González, John Bradley, and Benedict Wong in a riveting exploration of time, space and the ultimate quest for survival. 3 Body Problem unveils a gripping tale of interwoven destinies as a young woman’s pivotal choice in 1960s China shapes the fate of humanity, leading a group of modern-day scientists to confront an unprecedented threat. With the laws of nature unraveling and the stakes higher than ever, five former colleagues reunite to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

STAX: Soulsville, U.S.A.

STAX: Soulsville, U.S.A. chronicles the remarkable journey of an interracial record label in Memphis that revolutionized soul music, launching the careers of iconic artists like Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes. Defying industry norms, the label became a beacon of authenticity, reshaping the landscape of American music with its unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. This HBO docu-series celebrates the enduring legacy of the individuals who dared to challenge conventions, leaving an indelible mark on culture for generations to come.

Lance Oppenheim’s new television series, Ren Faire (photo by Nate Hurtsellers).

Ren Faire

Directed by Lance Oppenheim and produced by the Safdie brothers, this three-part docu-fantasia Ren Faire promises a delightfully bizarre journey through the Shakespearean drama and whimsical intrigue of a modern-day Renaissance kingdom. Ren Faire unveils a captivating saga set within the eccentric realm of the Texas Renaissance Festival, ruled by the enigmatic King George Coulam. As the festival’s founder announces his retirement, a fierce power struggle ensues amongst the kingdom’s inhabitants, including the festival’s general manager and rival contenders vying for control.

Black Twitter: A People’s History

Black Twitter: A People’s History delves into the cultural phenomenon that transformed social media, exploring the rise of Black Twitter as a powerful force in American society. Through the lens of Jason Parham’s seminal article, the series chronicles the movements, voices, and memes that have shaped the platform’s influence on politics and culture. Directed by Prentice Penny, the showrunner behind HBO’s acclaimed series Insecure, this three-part documentary offers a compelling examination of Black Twitter’s impact and legacy.

Still from the series Photographer: Dan Winters – Life is Once. Forever. (Photo by Michael Crommett).

Photographer: Dan Winters

National Geographic’s new docu-series Photographer offers an intimate glimpse into the life and work of renowned Austin-based photographer Dan Winters, celebrated for his captivating celebrity portraits, illustrations and stunning NASA imagery. As he navigates the pinnacle of his career, Winters grapples with the impact of a bipolar disorder diagnosis, prompting a profound reassessment of his life’s priorities. With poignant reflections on the intersection of art, family, and mental health, this episode explores the poignant journey of a master storyteller finding solace and meaning beyond the lens.

How to Attend SXSW Film & TV Festival 2024

Gain access to an extensive range of screenings on March 8-16, including world and U.S. premieres, across diverse genres and formats with the SXSW Film & TV Badge. Whether you’re into independent treasures, Hollywood comedies, or profound documentaries, there’s a film for every cinephile to enjoy. To secure your access, visit the official SXSW website to purchase your badge or wristband. Additionally, advance tickets for select films at the Paramount, Stateside, ZACH, and AFS theaters are available for purchase for those without a badge or wristband. Film & TV Badges are priced at $1495, with a walk-up rate of $1595, while wristbands cost $120, with a walk-up rate of $150. Badges offer primary access to film & TV events, while wristbands provide secondary access. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary cinematic experience!