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Austin to Welcome a Thomas Dambo Troll in Pease Park

Pease Park Conservancy announced the larger-than-life art installation, created out of recycled wood, to begin construction this February

"Frie Vilje" by Thomas Dambo in Maribo, Denmark

This March, visitors to Pease Park will be welcomed by a whimsical, giant troll constructed by famed artist Thomas Dambo. The sculpture, made out of recycled wood, will be hand-built in the Kingsbury Commons area of the park beginning in February. Dambo’s charming, colossal structures are currently scattered around the globe — beloved works that blend art, nature and environmental consciousness. Austin locals and visitors alike are sure to be captivated by the forthcoming creation planned for our popular parkland.

As noted in a recent press release from Pease Park Conservancy, news of this announcement comes after extensive community engagement and a review process with the City of Austin. The Thomas Dambo team will arrive in Austin in February to begin the construction of this large-scale artwork, using recycled wood that is sourced from Harvest Lumber, a sawmill dedicated to giving new life to Austin’s fallen trees. Much of the material that will be used to build Austin’s troll was milled from the water tower that resided at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

“Green George” by Thomas Dambo in Christiania, Denmark (The mural was done in collaboration with Rasmus Balstrøm.)

Thomas Dambo’s Works Blend Creativity, Conservation, and Charm

Thomas Dambo is an esteemed artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark who specializes in making public art sculptures from wasted materials, such as scrap wood. Since first creating his troll sculptures in 2014, he has since become wildly celebrated for blending creativity and a commitment to sustainability. Dambo has now installed more than 100 trolls worldwide, which can be seen across the U.S. as well as in Denmark, France, Germany, China, South Korea, and Chile. View the Troll Map to see all of the locations where these whimsical creatures can be found.

With each troll, Thomas Dambo creates a story line, a message about environmental awareness, inviting all to inspire adventure in nature, exploration, and the potential to see discarded materials in a unique perspective. Before the process of building a troll, Dambo consults with locals to determine common goals on sustainability and environmental activism. While the trolls delight audiences in their size, scope and natural settings, they also inspire conversations about the importance of reused and repurposed materials.

“Leo The Enlightened” by Thomas Dambo in the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee.

More Details to Come

The Tribeza team looks forward to following along on the artistic process of creating this artwork this February and March. Be sure to bookmark this page and join us as we explore more and take an inside look at the creation of Austin’s new exciting public art installation.

For more information, browse Pease Park’s FAQs about this project. Interested in volunteering to help with the build? Learn more about opportunities here.