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Wonderspaces Invites Visitors to Create Spectacular Sensory Experiences

The interactive and immersive museum blends technology and human interaction

The California-based interactive and immersive museum opened in Austin, where it now remains permanently, in 2020. Wonderspaces offers a highly sensory experience with spectacular exhibits that are not just pleasing to the eye but also involve sounds, movement and touch. Combining innovative technology with human interaction, the experimental nature of this museum creates a unique experience that invites visitors to not be passive consumers of art but autonomous creators themselves.

Left: Transition by Joost Jordens & Mike Von Rotz
Right: Sweet Spot photo by Devon Hutchins

Wonderspaces is filled with awe-inspiring installations like Into the Breath, a Chinese dragon made of glimmering golden tea bags where visitors are invited inside to bask in the meditative atmosphere. Other fan favorites are Submergence, which displays over 8,000 hanging lights that create a dazzling space to walk through, and Body Paint, the colorful installation that uses participants’ movements to create vibrant compositions, making them essential components of the artwork. Recently added is the SUN installation that offers an empowering experience to visitors in which they can control the rise and setting of the sun by moving a ball. Even more installations that inspire playfulness and curiosity are available to the public, and each one upholds the Wonderspaces mission to create a shared understanding through shared experiences. The artwork encourages guests to connect with the art, the artist’s vision and with each other.

Sun photo by Society Hill Films